How Valuable Are Straight Teeth?

If you’ve suffered most of your life from crooked teeth-because of being too crowded for the size of your mouth or tilted in a way that leaves gaps between them–you know how it feels to be so embarrassed you try not to smile or laugh.

This can have real-world consequences, since studies show that people make instant judgments when they meet others for the first time, usually without consciously realizing it. They might think you aren’t friendly or lack a sense of humor. They may believe you don’t care about your appearance. Whether you are introduced on the street by a friend, are socializing at a party, at a job interview, discussing a business deal, or on a first date, this can have unfair consequences, of course. And this is just the most superficial result of having an imperfect smile.

Health Issues can Stem from Not Having Straight Teeth

More importantly, there are serious health issues that come with not having straight teeth. As you know, crooked teeth are very hard to clean. The spaces between them may be so tight that you can’t get the floss in between easily or use it properly to scrape the sticky film off, called plaque. If that isn’t done daily, it will harden into tartar, which is much harder to remove. The periodontal bacteria that flourish in as a result cause an infection that eventually results in the gums separating from the teeth they hold up.

The next thing you know, these loosen and fall out or have to be extracted. A dental domino effect then starts, as nearby teeth naturally lean in to fill the gap and these become loose, too. If you want to be able to speak or chew properly, you will then have a choice of either accepting a life with dentures (which have to have their fit adjusted every few years because of gradual loss of jawbone) or have a more permanent, but more expensive, solution by having dental implants placed.

Cavities and TMJ Disorder

There are other consequences of misaligned teeth, ranging from the vulnerability to more cavities to the jaw dysfunction known as TMJ Disorder (referring to the temporomandibular joints that connect the lower jaw to the skull, which can cause severe headaches, sore jaw muscles, and facial pain).

Fastbraces and Orthodontics

The really good news is that we have a revolutionary way to prevent all these problems and give you a quick and beautiful smile: FastBraces. Instead of having to wear a wired orthodontic contraption for two to three years, FastBraces uses an advanced process so that in less than six months you will be showing off your new smile. Lakeside and Chula Vista cosmetic dentist Dr. Cluff is one of the few specialists in this patented technology, so call for an appointment today to have her assess your orthodontic needs and begin a new life with confidence.