Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can cause not only cosmetic issues, but also health issues with your mouth. Leaving gaps in your mouth can be unsightly, and lead to bone loss, hygiene issues, disease, and other issues. Dr. Ana Cluff is dedicated to giving you healthy teeth and a beautiful smile you can be proud to share!

Dental Implants with Dr. Ana Cluff

The dental implant procedure consists of an artificial root being implanted in your jawbone. This surgical procedure is done with precision and exactness. An abutment is then placed on the implant allowing the dentist to easily make adjustments.

After the implant has bonded with the bone, a permanent customized porcelain crown, partial denture, or dentures can be placed. Full dentures will require multiple implants.

Dental ImplantsBenefits of Dental Implants

Here are some reasons you should consider a dental implant:

  • Permanence | A dental implant bonds with your jawbone and creates a nearly permanent solution to missing teeth.
  • Hygiene | Missing teeth can cause issues with keeping your teeth clean. There is often food that can get lodged in gaps, and this can cause gum disease and loss of additional teeth. When you have a full set of teeth, it is much easier to maintain good dental hygiene.
  • Cosmetic | Missing teeth can make you avoid smiling and speaking. Dental implants give you a second chance to have a beautiful, natural-looking smile again. It also helps give you the confidence to share it with the people you meet.
  • Support | When you lose a tooth, you lose support in your jaw structure. This loss of support can cause additional bone loss and jawbone recession. Dental implants give the bone back the integrity that comes with having a full tooth.

See the Difference Dental Implants Can Make in Your Smile and Your Lifestyle!

Dental implants allow you to chew the food you love again, and they help you maintain a beautiful healthy mouth. Dr. Ana Cluff and her team are eager to give you back the freedom to eat and speak freely. Come in to our Chula Vista or Lakeside office for a FREE consultation!