Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening LakesideThere are good reasons teeth whitening is the number one requested cosmetic dental therapy.

Studies have shown that a majority of people tend to make quick judgments of others based on first impressions and a beautiful smile can make a crucial difference, whether it is for a job interview or on a date.

Alas, a lot of our habits cause our teeth to easily stain, including drinking too much coffee, tea, cola, fruit juices and red wine without brushing right afterwards. Smoking–whether tobacco or cannabis–does the same. Some foods also discolor, including blueberries and beets, as do sauces and condiments with soy, curry, tomatoes, or balsamic vinegar.

Some medications, such as tetracycline, can cause teeth to turn darker, as well as strong mouthwashes. Genetics and aging can also make them look yellow or dull.

You may have tried to whiten your teeth with over-the-counter products and been frustrated by the results after a long process of following the directions about constantly putting the whitener on and not eating or drinking for a while.

Fortunately, Dr. Ana Cluff has an effective, easy, and affordable way to offset all these threats to your best smile. It’s called Whitening Forever and with good habits and regular treatment you really can have beautifully white teeth all the time.

The first step is to set up an appointment to have your unique dental whitening situation assessed. After the initial exam, a digital x-ray, and a professional cleaning, we will establish the optimal plan just for you.

We then provide you with a starter kit and a dentist-grade special whitening gel and custom-fitted plastic aligner trays, then explain how to use them.

We will have you check back with us a couple of times a year to see how well you are keeping your teeth at their beautiful best and provide you with more gel, at no cost to you. This would be a convenient time to have our dental hygienist clean your teeth, if needed.

Brush when you can after consuming or using anything that might discolor, but if that is not convenient, just rinse your mouth with water and brush and floss when you get home. Meantime, you can reduce the amount of staining with colas and juices by using a straw. Chewing gum with the alternative sweetener xylitol not only prevents tooth decay, it stimulates saliva, which will cleanse the mouth and prevent discoloration. Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables also removes stains and boosts saliva.